Due to the rapidly evolving threat of the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, we are initiating the following protocols in order to protect our doctors and staff:

  1. Clients will not be permitted inside our hospital. Instead, we ask that you call us on your cell phone at 540-343-8021 when you are in our parking lot.
  2. If you are simply picking up medication or prescription food, an assistant will bring these to your car along with the invoice. You may write a check, pay in cash, or you may pay over the phone by providing your credit card information.
  3. If your pet is with you for an examination or is being dropped off for surgery/dentistry, our assistant will bring your pet into our hospital. For safety reasons, we ask that your cats be in a secure cat carrier. Your dogs will be “double leashed” with our leashes so that they cannot slip out of your collar/leash (which does happen!)
  4. The doctor will communicate with you via phone following the visit or surgery/dentistry.
  5. If the pet for which you are requesting medical attention has been in a home with a person with (or suspected of having) COVID-19, please inform us when you call for an appointment. We will determine if the pet’s exam can be conducted via telemedicine, or if indeed, needs to be seen by a doctor. While pets cannot get ill with the virus, it’s possible the virus could be present on your pet’s fur and we will need to take extra precautions.

We appreciate your understanding and continued business.

The Roanoke Animal Hospital Team