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We are proud to announce that we now offer all of our clients access to our online pharmacy. Our online pharmacy is a trusted pharmacy and guarantees their products are safe and reliable for your pet. If you choose to order your medications from our pharmacy you will get your medications sent directly to your home. Setting up an account is simple and we guarantee you will not receive any junk/spam email.

How it Works: When you come in for your appointment we will confirm your email address. The doctor may suggest a medication we do not carry in the clinic and we can set you up an account right then and place the order online, or we can go ahead and set up the order for the medication and you will be sent an email from our pharmacy to set up your account and you can take it from there.

Benefits Of Using the Online Store

  • Free shipping on orders >$49
  • You can order most veterinary diets
  • Offering many different preventative medications
  • You can select autoship for many orders
  • Your payment will not be processed until your order ships

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