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Setting Your New Pet Off on the Right Paw

By November 17, 2020July 8th, 2022No Comments

Love is not enough to maintain the health of your new kitten or puppy. From vaccinations to housebreaking, there are many ways a pet owner may need to care for their pet. What are the best methods to keep a kitten or puppy healthy?

Initial Veterinary Visit

The initial visit with your veterinarian at Roanoke Animal Hospital is a great way to get to know your pet. A new kitten or puppy requires special care to grow into a healthy adult. An initial kitten or puppy exam provides important information about the animal, while providing the opportunity to ask the veterinarian questions regarding nutrition and behavior Additional veterinary visits will be needed during this early stage of growth in a kitten or puppy.

Kitten and Puppy Vaccinations

Did you know that like humans, puppies and kittens get their first natural immunity from their mother’s antibodies? As they get older, they require vaccinations to improve their immunity and maintain a healthy level of protection. A puppy or kitten will receive the distemper combo vaccine anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks of age. This is a vaccine series that will end at 16 weeks. With a series, it is important to bring in your pet for their next vaccination within the designated time period for the best results.

Distemper combo is one of the core vaccines strongly suggested by our veterinarians. Other core vaccines may be required based on state and local laws, and your pet’s unique needs. Our experienced veterinarian will review the vaccinations required and answer any questions.

Parasite Control

Unknowingly, kittens and puppies may play host to common intestinal parasites. Tapeworms and roundworms are all too common, and some of these parasites are able to be passed on from a pet to humans. There is a way to control and prevent these parasites. After a positive result from a stool sample test, a prescribed medication can be used to eliminate the parasite from a pet.

Pet Health

New pet owners may not be aware of the needs of their new kitten or puppy. Our veterinarians at Roanoke Animal Hospital are here to help educate and provide high-quality care. Regular exams, vaccinations, and parasite control are only a few of the many services offered at our Animal Hospital.

Save While Setting Them Up for Success!

Our New Puppy and Kitten packages are available to start your new puppy or kitten’s life off on the right paw. With these packages, you’ll save up to 40% on the services included in the package! With purchase of a new puppy or new kitten package, you’ll also gain access to discounts on additional services that are necessary for new pets, such as:

  • Microchipping
  • Spay and Neuter
  • Additional Vaccinations
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Feel free to message us with any questions. Book your initial appointment to get your kitten or puppy on the path to lifelong wellness today!

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