“The staff was efficient. The DVM was very informative and helpful. I was completely satisfied and the prices were very fair and average.”

– Amy P., Google

“Great experience at Roanoke Animal Hospital! Loved Dr. Finkler and greatly appreciated his help and patience. Thank you!!!”

– Debbie S., Google

“I have a 17 week old Yorkie and can’t imagine taking her to any other vet. The staff here are consistently compassionate, knowledgeable, and earnestly love pets. Our vet, Dr. Havrila, knows her stuff but is also flexible to what is best for the pet and owner (such as not overloading my pup’s very small body with too many vaccines on one day). I had a health scare with my puppy, and Dr. Havrila and her techs were so good in getting me all the information I needed to feel comfortable, in going above and beyond to ensure my puppy felt safe, and even in little things like trimming her nails for me. They’re prompt in communications and although the office is under construction, they’ve made the exam rooms as comfortable as they can (and clean!). I would trust them with any beloved pet, and recommend pet owners to Dr. Havrila all the time!”

– Beth W., Google

“It was already amazing! She had her nails trimmed and a grooming around her bottom for sanitary reasons (she is a long haired cat) The service was quick and Buns was calm afterwards which is a big deal for her. We have trusted you with several of our cats over the years and will continue to bring our pets to the Roanoke Animal Hospital.”

– Jim O., Google

“Our dog, Jedi Haynie, is 12 years old and has gone to Roanoke Animal Hospital for wellness care and medical needs for about 11 years. Ours is a dog who, like most dogs, hated going to the veterinarian. After awhile, he became a dog who LOVED going to the veterinarian. He has actually trained himself to “lead” the tecnicians and his doctors through the routine of getting weighed to getting his nails clipped. Why would anyone take a beloved furry family member anywhere else than where he/she is treated with loving and skilled compassion?”

– Margaret H., Google

“I have been taking my animals to Roanoke Animal Hospital for many years. The staff are extremely nice and helpful. My dog Simon had a check-up there on 4/29 with Dr. Hart. She went over everything she was doing and shared her concerns. Then this morning I received a text from Debra checking in to see how Simon was doing after his visit. I could not ask for a better place to provide care to my dogs.”

– Jaki B., Google

“I will never be able to express what is in my heart for each and every one of you.. All the years of excellent care and compassion you have shown my boys is just the tip of the iceberg. You have taken on the rescue dog OB and moved so quickly with a patient who isn’t even a regular. Today I witnessed you take in a cat that was not your patient from someone who wasn’t even your client.
I see how unbelievably overwhelmed, over booked and I’m sure under staffed you are. I can’t imagine doing what you do on a daily basis. Everyone always has a pleasant greeting and a smile on their face. Then mostly likely crying on your drive home, only to walk thru your own front door with that smile once again.

I know you deal with not so nice overwhelmed clients ready to shoot ( you the messengers) for news they didn’t want to hear. In addition to this your dealing with patients who can’t tell you what hurts and clients who want the best care at bargain basement prices.

Just know how much I admire, appreciate and love each and every one of you and forgive me for not telling you sooner”
– Julie V., Google

“Everything about Roanoke Animal Hospital is excellent from the care my dog has received from his Veterinarian to the assistants and the receptionists. During the COVID restrictions it is difficult not being able to go inside with your pet for the visit. Their organized and responsive system makes a visit the next best thing to “Face to Face” by phone calls, texting and a friendly attitude when they pick up your pet curbside.”
– Judith R, Google

“My dog JoAnna is very skittish. She is not good with new experiences, especially when going to a new vet. Dr. Havrila was patient and gentle with Jojo. She was able to give her a checkup and was able to schedule another time to update her vaccines and cut her toe nails. The staff was so sweet and accommodating. Roanoke Animal had a patient for life now. ❤️

– Katie A., Google

“I just changed Veterinarians after 30 years plus to the Roanoke Animal Hospital. My normal Veterinarian could not see us for our Wellness check for 3 weeks and I couldn’t wait that long. I called Roanoke Animal Hospital and they were able to see us the following week. I was absolutely amazed at the professionalism of the people that took my call. They were so nice, never placed me on hold and got me taken care of. Dr. Hart saw my dogs and she was amazing. She took the time to talk to me about the dogs and their history and everything. I’m so glad I found this animal hospital.”
– Terri M., Google

“We have used Dr. Finkler for several years. First for our little dashound, Daisy May, who after 11 years of joy, had to be put to sleep, due to cancer. Dr. Finkler and his staff, were so compassionate and caring, both to Daisy and us.
After a few years, we decided to get another companion and now have our second Dashound, little Ginger. Again, Dr. Finkler is taking care of our loving little pet and looking out for her health, which lets us know, she is in good hands.
We highly recommend Roanoke Animal Hospital, to anyone who wants the best care for their pets.”
– Terry B., Google

“Everyone is absolutely delightful! From scheduling to appointment they took care of us. They are amazing and the service is spectacular. We have found our people!”
– P.G. S., Google

“They have always been kind and thorough. My dog loves them and they’re always more than accommodating to my schedule. Could not recommend any higher.”
– Jeremy M., Google

“The team is great! They helped when I found a stray cat and worked me into the schedule to get him examined. We will be using them from now on!”
– Britta W., Google

“Love this place. And my dogs do too! Friendly and personable staff!”
– Paige T., Yelp

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