Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Procedures We Offer

At Roanoke Animal Hospital, we are able to perform state of the art diagnostic and surgical treatment for many orthopedic conditions including:

Orthopedic surgery is a broad term for surgical repair of your pet’s skeleton, joints and associated soft tissues including the joint capsule, muscle, ligament, cartilage, and tendon. Some orthopedic disorders are congenital, which means the animal was born with the problem.

Other orthopedic conditions can occur during your pet’s development and growth and are influenced by genetic factors; hip dysplasia is a classic example of this. In addition, trauma is a frequent cause for orthopedic disease and can result in fractures, bruising, and stretched or torn muscles, tendons and ligaments. An orthopedic injury can affect your pet’s quality of life and mood because they are often painful.

Signs Your Pet May Need Orthopedic Surgery

If you notice any of these symptoms in your pet, they may be experiencing orthopedic issues some of which may benefit from orthopedic surgery:

  • Has a slight limp
  • Trouble getting up
  • Is avoiding physical activities
  • Other signs of discomfort

While there are a variety of conditions that can result in orthopedic disease in animals, orthopedic surgery is the most effective procedure for correcting many orthopedic conditions which can ultimately help improve your pet’s mobility, reduce their pain, improve their quality of life, and help return them to a more normal state of health.

We can work with you the explore the available treatment options and which plan of treatment best meets your pet’s healthcare needs. Please call to set up an appointment today to discuss orthopedic treatment options for your pet.

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