Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations for your pet

Vaccinations are another important part of preventive care as they protect your pet from diseases which are common to them. In many cases, these diseases can be transmitted to you and your family, making protection even more critical.

To ensure your pet’s health, a comprehensive preventive care exam is required prior to vaccination.

Core Vs Non-Core Vaccines

Our pet vaccinations in Roanoke can be separated into “core” and “non-core.” Vaccines are extremely important to maintaining your pets’ health and with very few exceptions, we recommend core vaccines for all pets.

We will determine which non-core vaccinations, if any, are appropriate for your pet, depending on its lifestyle.

Book an Appointment

If your pet is sick and needs to be seen within the next 48 hours, please call or text our hospital at 540-343-8021 to speak directly to a team member.