Soft-Tissue Surgery

Soft-Tissue Surgical Procedures

Our facility provides state-of-the-art surgical services and procedures that utilizes a CO2 laser for many surgical procedures. The CO2 laser allows for less invasive procedures to be performed, as well as, creates less bleeding, less pain, reduces the risk of infection, and results in a quicker recovery time for your pet.

We maintain a safe environment that is friendly to both people and animals. Our surgical suite is equipped to help us perform a number of routine and advanced soft tissue procedures, as well as, orthopedic surgeries for companion animals.

Additional Procedures

In addition to soft tissue surgery, we perform many other types of surgery, including:

  • Orthopedic surgery including patellar luxation correction, femoral head and neck ostectomy (FHO), lateral fabellar suture technique for ACL tears and a newly offered TTA-2 procedure for ACL tears.
  • Oral procedures including surgical extractions of single and multi-rooted teeth, oral mass removal, partial mandibulectomies and maxillectomies, mandibular symphyseal fracture repair as well as non-invasive mandibular fracture repair, and salivary gland removal

Before every surgical procedure, we thoroughly examine your pet to identify any conditions which may complicate the surgery or anesthesia or pose a threat to their health. This includes basic pre-anesthetic blood testing.

In addition, we utilize state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to ensure your pet remains stable throughout the entire procedure. Contact us for more information about our surgical services.

Soft Tissue Procedures

  • Routine and complicated spay and neuter procedures
  • Abdominal surgeries including splenectomy, GDV, liver biopsy, gall bladder removal, Caesarian section, and adrenalectomies (in ferrets)
  • Gastrointestinal procedures including gastrotomy, minimally invasive paracostal gastropexy (tacking of the stomach), enterotomy, intestinal resection and anastamosis, and intestinal biopsies
  • Ear surgery including ventral bulla osteotomy, lateral ear canal resection, and aural hematoma repair
  • Eye surgery including entropion, ectropion, cherry eye, distichia, wedge resection, grid keratotomy for superficial non-healing ulcers, and enucleation
  • Digit and limb amputations including laser declaw procedures in cats
  • Neck surgery including thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy, and tracheostomy
  • Bladder surgery including cystotomy, perineal urethrostomy, scrotal urethrostomy, and urethral prolapse repair
  • Brachycephalic procedures including stenotic nares, soft palate resection, and screw tail correction
  • Tumor removal
  • Anal surgery including anal sacculectomy and perianal mass removal
  • Wound and laceration repair

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